For Riko With Love

Our visit to Riko Hiše company left a deep impression.  As marketing students, we have imagination on how Riko can sell and create brand images for the products. We are wondering maybe Riko can build showrooms to enhance customers’ experiences. Stepping into the showrooms that meet the customers’ needs will help them making decisions for their “dream house”. For this kind experience, Riko also can use virtual reality technology, especially for online marketing through a website.

Following the design concept of smart furniture, the showroom can combine both decorative and practical functions to meet different customers’ demands for storage space, recreation space, family get-together space, better natural light, and or close to nature. For example, make the apartment or the house more efficient by using modern technology (build-in audio system and electronic control) and integrated sustainable practice. There is a revolutionary idea of building a dynamic house, where the building can adapt from winter to summer, and day to night by literally moving inside itself.

Dynamic House (D*Dynamic by D*Haus)
dynamic 2
Dynamic House (Sharifi-ha House by Next office)

Riko also may try customize the design according to personal hobbies such as a collaboration with Do-It-Yourself garden supplier to provide easy-to-manage gardens with flowers, vegetables or fruits. This will increase the resident’s satisfaction and happiness.

For Small Office Home Office (SOHO), we have an idea to fit more functions in limited space with the creative use of space featuring hidden or fold-up beds, hidden cabinets, or extensible windows. An apartment can be transformed from a living room to bedroom, work space, dining room and entertainment space.

hidden beds

hidden beds 2
Hidden beds by Atelier Décadrages
Extensible windows
ping pong
Door transformation by Tobias Fraenzel

We also have some ideas for approaching different customers:

a. For couples (without kids)

Design porch and balcony, garden and motorized sun roof for romantic and quality time, as well as to transform to guest mode for keeping privacy. The romance and intimacy can also be created by designing furniture such as luminated stools.

For Riko with love-page-003 (2)
Porch and balcony
For Riko with love-page-003 (2)
Motorized sun roof
Luminated stool by Judson Beaumont

b. For couples with young kids

Create wooden furniture that can grow with kids, space for activities between parents and children, functional toys or equipment like wooden slides. Riko also can try to develop Lego-like furniture.

For Riko with love-page-005 (2)
Colorful furniture by Orla Reynolds
For Riko with love-page-005 (2)
Multipurpose furniture by Orla Reynolds

c. For senior couples with regular family with kids’ visit,

Riko can use movable walls that will provide bigger space for family all-together time as well as a private space for each individual families.

For Riko with love-page-002 - Copy (2)
Movable walls by PKMN Architectures
For Riko with love-page-002 (2)
Sliding walls (SWITCH by Yuko Shibata)

d. For senior and disables

Design easy access and remote control facilities. For healthy living, build an organic vegetable and fruit garden.


Last but not least, there are some other ideas that we are thinking of, such as:

For Riko with love-page-004 (2)
2D-3D fold-able furniture by Robert van Embricqs
DIY storage (
Table as a painting frame by IVY Design
For Riko with love-page-006 (2)
Stairs as storage (
For Riko with love-page-006 (2)
Ergonomic chair by Lina D 


Hope that these ideas help.

For Riko with love,

Double PL (Ping Liu & Pipiet Larasatie)






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