Day 11b: Wood digital fabrication 

Destination: Trins & Innsbruck, Austria

Now, time for the third of five countries in the trip: Austria.


First thing first, get friendly with your stomach 😊 Before we accross the border, we went to a restaurant for lunch.


Then we headed to Trins for meeting Prof. Michael Flach who is Head of the Department of Wood Construction and has a digital fabrication lab in University of Innsbruck.

We went to one of his renovation project. He is renovating an old wooden farm house to be a house.


After visiting his house, we went to Michael’s lab in University of Innsbruck.

His student has some innovation experiments such as fire testing and combining concrete and wood for better construction.


In the afternoon, we had a free time. Since we were staying in Igls, a holiday village 5 km from Innsbruck, we decided to explore this tiny but beautiful area.

Luckily there was a free event of Bavarian dancing and singing.

They performed several dances. There were also some folk songs played and music performances using cow bells.

What a nice show!
– the blogger – had a dream of wearing Bavarian traditional dress and dancing and singing in the middle of an Austrian market town

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