Day 11a: Wood manufacturers

Destination: Bressanone, Italy


Rubner Holzbau is a family company producing glulam wood, prefabricated roof panels and walls, cross-laminated wood panels, wood and glass facades.

We had a presentation about their company before having a tour. This is the information that I pulled from their website (

“In 1974 the first Italian company to produce glulam, called Holzbau S.p.A., was founded in Bressanone. The natural vocation of South Tyrol to wood as a construction material, the constant investment in production technologies and the know-how the company always counted on quickly made of this company a real market leader in Italy and allowed the development of complex and innovative projects. The range of products is completed by many consultant and assistance services, from pre-dimensioning to perfect assembly and erection by our own company staff.

The tight collaboration with Universities, research agencies and famous architects allows the intelligent creation of innovative and surprising structures all over Europe. The main office in Bressanone employs more than 175 staff, including more than 25 Project Managers, designers and structural engineers employed in the technical departments.”

They produce 35,000 m3 special glulam elements and 45,000 m2 roof and wall elements yearly.



Few hundred meters from Rubner Holzbau, there is Lignoalp, a company specialized in wood  construction.


The tour was guided by the architect of the office building. She is originally from Portland, Oregon, but has a career in Italy. We made a joke that she exchanged roles with Mariapaola, a native Italian and one of our faculty member leader, who works in Oregon State University.

We had some explanation about the building before had a tour with the architect.

The surprise spot is a window in the highest level, looking at a castle in distance.

Here in the picture, Carter, a participant from Oregon State University who will spend time in Austrian university under Marshal Plan, was taking rest.

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