Forest, bear, and me

While sunshine filtering through leaves and branches, I was making my ways to the forest. I walked carefully through naturally grown young trees that look so fragile and self-fallen trees decorated with moss and fungi. Guided by the green bear paw signs on the trees which showed up from time to time,I was not worried about getting lost at all and were fascinated to explore the buffering area of virgin forest Rajhenavski Rog in Slovenia.

The heroic story were still lingering in my mind,imagining 25 partisans were hidden in this forest fighting against Nazi and a surgeon from New Zealand having operations in the middle of the forest to save lifes in World War II. 

I reached a tall tree with a sign marking the border of the reserved virgin forest. At this point, no one is allowed to step further without special permit.

Wind were singing softly and leaves were dancing to the tune when suddenly I heard in a trance some rustling from not far away. Following the sound I saw-a baby bear!He was staring at me with some fear in his round eyes. Oh baby bear, he is the sweetest creature that I ever seen!

I was impulsed to go closer and reach him,but then suddenly I felt somebody behind me. I turned around and found the mother brown bear!She looked incredibly defensive while finding me close to her children. Mama Bears are never far away from their cubs!

I was stunned. I tried to remember all of my self defense class that I took last term. Just to realise that the class is for defending from human, not bears!

In an extreme fear,all the surviving tips came to my mind and I tried my best to hold my breath,but the mama bear is getting closer. I closed my eyes and started to pray. “Please don’t be angry, I just an innocent girl who happens to be here.” Please don’t hit me, I still want to live.” Please…please…but when I peeked, the mama bear is getting bigger and bigger means that she is close enough to me. Should I run? or should O scream first? Oh my God, I wish that I have wings and fly away. I closed my eyes again and started to get a panic attack.



My friend shook me. Hard enough to open my eyes. Oh, it was a dream. I took a deep breath. OMG it was so intense.

My friend smiled at me and asked “are you okay?” And I just like stunned for a while before I nodded my head.

“Come on, we need to catch up the group”. She said. 

I slowly thought what group; which group. Then I realized that I was coming to the forest with a group of students for a course. 

My friend grabbed my hand and we walked to the group.

When we joined back, our guide, the Slovenian forester was still talking. He was looking to the virgin forest with passion in his eyes while he continued to talk:“Do you know that the oldest,the highest,and the biggest living beings of our planet are – trees?”

“It is important that it’s the most naturally preseved forest so that we have the whole eco-system. Three quarters of slovenian drinking water is from underground,if there were no forest,the water just ran through immediately.” 

“We need a constant learning to understand what is going in the nature process” because you never know what happen if the nature mad at you.

-Double PL-


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